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Precast Concrete Piling

Precast concrete piling is generally the lowest cost piling system suitable for most soil conditions and almost all sites, even inner city. Noise and vibration is not a problem as the rigs are specifically designed for residential areas. This system not only costs less than continuous flight auger piling (cfa - the most common type in the UK) but is cleaner, safer, faster, less risky, and does not need an excavator in attendance and there is no spoil to remove.

Our 200mm sq piles are suitable for loads up to 400kN. They are manufactured in 3,4,5,6 and 7m segments coupled together with interference fit joints that have been tested up to 50kN in tension. Our rigs are relatively lightweight specifically designed for residential areas with outriggers so that they are highly stable and safe to work on restricted access sites with nominal piling mats.