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Pre-cast Concrete Ground Beams

We can design and construct precast concrete ground beams for houses and flats, typically 400mm sq., fully reinforced in accordance with current codes with spans of up to 6m.

The main advantage of precast beams is that they are much quicker for a large project and they can be cheaper on projects with many duplications of house types, such as social housing.

Typically, following on from 1 weeks piling, four medium sized semi-detached plots can be completed inside two weeks.

Pre-Cast Concrete Ground Beam Gallery

  • Steel reinforcement is fabricated in our factory
  • Once made, each beam is given a unique I.D. tag
  • The fabricated reinforcement is positioned in our bespoke mould, with end formation plates clamped into position
  • Concrete specially produced for TPL, is poured directly into each mould cavity
  • 24 hours after construction, each beam is lifted out of the mould by our gantry crane and stored inside till next day
  • Following day, the beams are taken out of the factory by our rolling table for stacking
  • Beams stacked for final curing
  • Beams are taken to site on articulated wagons and craned directly into position by our trained operatives.
  • Completed house plot
  • Completed house plot
  • Completed house plot
  • Completed house plot