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Heavy Wall Steel Tubular Piling

Steel tubular piles are structural steel piles, where the steel is load bearing. Not to be confused with cased concrete piles, where the steel is only a permeant formwork to form a concrete pile. The steel is a re-cycled product from the North Sea oil industry, hence environmentally friendly. They have all the advantages of precast concrete piles over CFA piles, with the added benefit that they can be used to chisel through most obstructions, although this is reflected in their cost.

We drive 140mm and 177mm dia, 8-12mm wall thickness, high yield (552-655N/mm2) steel tubes for loads of up to 350kN and 500kN respectively. We drive them in 3-7m segments with full strength threaded couplers. They can resist up to 50kN horizontal load in ideal conditions but are customarily limited to 15 and 30kN respectively.

Our rigs are relatively lightweight, specifically designed for residential areas, with outriggers so that they are highly stable and safe to work on restricted access sites with nominal piling mats.